Getting Involved Online This Earth Day

Written By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill


If you are one of the lucky few who have some spare time, Earth Day is a great time to get outside, volunteer and help your planet to be a little greener. But, if you are like many and glued to an office, why wouldn’t you celebrate Earth Day online? Here are some activities you can join online to celebrate mother earth!

Earth Day Social Contests

Popular social networking platform use contests as a way to attract more fans. Search on Twitter or Facebook and you will find many organization holding contests for Earth Day. Just search “earth day contest” and you will find a plethora to get involved in.

Earth Day Online Chat with the White House

On Earth Day at 4:30 pm, the Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality among other special guests, will be hosting a special “Open for Questions” event live from the South Lawn of the White House. If you have questions about what the Obama Administration is doing to protect our air and water or how we’re building a clean energy future, visit the website to find out where and how you can join.

Save Your Water Calculator

This handy EPA calculator is a tool to measure our daily household water consumption. Once you have calculated how much you use, you can make a pledge to reduce your household’s consumption of water. Once the pledge is made Underwriter Laboratories will donate one dollar for each of the first 15,000 pledges received!


With the iRecycle app, you can get instant access to more than 1 million ways to recycle, plus the latest in green news and tips for improving your own lifestyle. Make a commitment to change a little easier by having this app on your phone as a reminder.

Monday is Earth Day, so go now to sign up for all these great, online, earth-friendly suggestions and join the rest of the busy, working world in keeping the planet a little greener!

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