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Using Tweet-Ups to Market Your Business



By Alison Brown & Janette Speyer, Web Success Team

Networking is key to growing any business, and you can never have too many connections. In today’s high-tech world, those connections are becoming easier to make with the help of social media. Twitter is a particularly great tool for connecting with people, especially those you don’t know. Recently people in the Twitter-sphere have been taking these impersonal relationships further by arranging in person meet-ups called “Tweet-Ups.” It offers people a chance to discuss shared interests face-to-face and it can help forge valuable business connections as well. Getting involved in a tweet-up isn’t as hard as it seems and the potential they have for amplifying your marketing efforts are virtually endless.

Host a Tweet-Up

By hosting a tweet-up you have the opportunity to invite potential clients or customers your establishment. How does this not sound like a great idea? These people can see how you operate, how professional you are and get a feel you’re your company as a whole. Even if you can’t hold the tweet-up at your office, taking the initiative and organizing it elsewhere will speak volumes to whoever attends. Using twtvite, you can arrange speakers and coordinate RSVP’s so you will have everyone’s contact information afterwards. You can use your brand and to create a hash-tag to help sell the event; just make sure it has a clearly defined theme or you may risk representing yourself as disorganized.

Locate the Right People

Once you’ve decided that you want to host a tweet-up, you can start finding the right people to invite. You want serious bloggers and tweeters that are going to have an impact on the outcome by saying positive things about your event. You can check a person’s Klout ranking to see if they are social influencers by looking at how far their reach can go. Another important aspect to consider is location. If you’re hosting a tweet-up that discusses the future of online marketing, perhaps location isn’t that relevant. However, if you are discussing how to build your brand in Los Angeles, then people from out-of-state probably shouldn’t be invited.

Follow Up

You hosted a successful tweet-up? Make sure you follow up. A fundamental rule for business in general, but even more so after a networking event like this. If you were the host, now you can contact everyone on your RSVP list to see if they have any feedback. It’s a chance to show your true professionalism and see if they have questions or comments before they start sharing information about the event on their networks. You can follow the tweet-up hash-tag to follow the buzz generated by the event. There are a few tools out there that allow you to track trends on Twitter such as Trendsmap and it’s important to see how much website traffic your site generates from the buzz to determine what facets of the tweet-up worked, and which didn’t.

Take-A-Ways: What You Have to Gain

1. Visibility for your brand ~ Tweet ups bring great visibility to your company and your brand. They help you spread the word

2. Gain followers and influencers ~ Brand ambassadors are now more familiar with whom you and are more apt to share your information

3. From one small tweet-up you can gain thousands of impressions ~ Even from a small event with only 200 people you can gain several thousand impressions. Now that is a win-win!

4. Now You have created a dialog between you and your followers ~ You can start giving people the opportunity to get to know your brand on a deeper level

5. Tweet-ups are a valuable tool for online marketing ~ The more your company hosts them the more your brand will benefit long term.

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