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Face-to-Face Business in a Virtual World

Written By Katrina McNeill and Janette Speyer —

In our virtual world, “face-to-face” no longer means in-person meetings. There is a lot of value in putting a face to a voice, as it brings a personal connection which is thought to help build trust. So what virtual alternatives are savvy businessmen and women using in this digital age?

Vsnap – The New Communication Messaging

Vsnap or YouTube both give you the ability to send a personalized video message. A personal connection is invaluable in business, and with either of these platforms, you have the option to reach out to potential clients and existing ones with such a video. Vsnap is done with a 60 second message that is a little harder to ignore than an email or a voicemail; you attach the message to an email (much like you would a YouTube link). Here are some examples of how people are using Vsnap to market themselves. Also take a look at a video example from Tom’s Shoes marketing their brand using YouTube.

Conferencing Software

Most people in the workforce today are very familiar with web conferencing software like Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype and countless more. These days you don’t just chat on video – you present, make notes, transfer files and do everything in real-time. It’s just as powerful as an in-person meeting with no need to wait until later to complete such tasks.


Presenting through webinars is not just a great way of establishing yourself to your target market as an authority in your industry, it is another face-to-face opportunity. Unlike web conferencing, webinars are used to reach larger audiences. They are a great tool for an online sales presentation or even a trade event. Some of the leaders in webinar software are: ClickMeeting, On24, GoToWebinar, and ClickWebinar. Webinars are such a great way to brand yourself but also an incredible source of new leads, so we certainly encourage you to utilize them if you feel you have good content to present.


Meeting over the Internet is an established business practice and is in popularity every year. In our fragile economic state, it’s a great way to keep meetings going with a tighter budget. Come chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ about which platforms you are utilizing and why they work for you!
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One comment

  1. Nick Lewis
    June 20th, 2013 3:40  / 

    I too prefer conferencing with clients over Skype or in a Google Hangout. It is the obvious cost-effective way of doing business, not only saving travelling costs but also recouping productive work hours that are lost during travelling.

    Having said that, I still think you can’t beat an actual physical meeting for that initial discussion and I suspect that leaving a video message (instead of a voicemail or sending an e-mail) may be too intrusive for your contacts.

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