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How I Use Flipboard to Prepare for a Product Launch

I have been using Flipboard for over 8 years. The more I use it, the more I find hidden treasures with this powerful app.

As a social marketer for many natural product brands, I work very closely with sales and marketing teams. During our meetings, a common theme always rears its needy head — finding enough content for marketing, sales, social media and presentations. I have found this powerful app to be a great way to create marketing materials to make selling and presentations easy to view and easy to share on social media.

The Process

Currently, I have a new product launch that’s due to run in September. Starting now, we get together with our client for strategic planning sessions. During each meeting, we brainstorm ideas and flushed out to the good ones. Next, we set deadlines and tasks for each team member.

After the meeting, fresh with ideas, we go back to our office and start planning the launch. Where do I begin? Ta-dah! Flipboard is my go-to resource! The advantage of using Flipboard is that all the ideas, strategies and executions are in one readable flipable format.

Below is my step by step-by-step methodology on how I organize the campaign in a team magazine.

1. Create a private magazine: This is my campaign shell. I call it “ideas”. I then invite members of the creative team to encourage them to collect all their thoughts in this magazine. It could be anything from an article they read on Flipboard, an image from Instagram or even a few notes from Evernote or any other online medium.

2. Create a strategy: Now the team reviews the magazine. We keep the ideas that resonate and discard the surplus. The next step is to tell a story that is compelling and has legs. We want this magazine to be read and to be circulated. So it has to be simple, easy to follow and clean.

3. Organize the content: Time to organize this information into something that is congruent and fluid. By this, I mean a logical sequence that leads to a brand promise. It could be a price reduction on shown items. A compelling company philosophy. Anything that the targeted audience is expecting from your brand.

4. Collecting apps: I use the following apps to gather information for our magazine.

My favorite apps to use to help in the efforts are:

1. Pocket for research and for collecting content
2. IFTT to create recipes and alerts
3. Evernote to collect notes and images
4. Instagram for information from fans and followers
5. Medium for brand blogs
6. Giphy for GIF uploads
7. SoundCloud for music
8. Press and PR from our bloggers and brand ambassadors

Let the fun begin

It’s Flipboard magazine creation time and it’s also my favorite part of the project. In this case, we are only creating one publication to launch at a trade show, to feature in a tweet chat or to email to our client’s marketing list.

We want to feature a product catalog with information, press, social media posts and product information. Because Flipboard is so very visual and versatile our magazine will have multiple uses:

1. Generate sales: Our clients can show this to their reps and they can see all the social activity and the featured product itself. This can close a sale when a product rep sees all the online activity for the brand.

2. Garner consumer interest: The magazine can be shared on many social platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and as an email marketing piece.

3. Multiple uses: This wonderful portable Flipboard magazine can now be featured on the website and be updated with new information.

Easy Flipping!

Those were the days when we made brochures for our launch at a trade show, now all we need is a Flipboard magazine. Life is good!

You can do this for your brand too. Start by joining the Flipboard Business community to learn more about Flipboard and when you have created your amazing magazine share it with me on Twitter on #FlipboardFriday.

Here is me on Flipboard.



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