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Keeping Social Media Marketers Honest


At Web Success Team, we are firm believers in continuing education to keep abreast of the new emerging technologies. Last April we attended eMarketing Association Conference in San Francisco and we got valuable knowledge and made great connections.

Attached is an article written by eMarketing Association’s CEO Robert Fleming keeping us all honest.

Frightening Social Media Bullies

By Robert Fleming – eMarketing Association

Ok kids, let’s face it, there is the dark side to social marketing, using groups, pages etc. In our social playground there are quite a few bullies out there, that would (if left unchecked or unchallenged) unravel all our network building efforts. Let me introduce them, and what you can do about them.

 eMarketing Conference San Francisco, 2011

Bob Speyer, Marci Rosenblum and Robert Fleming at eMarketing Conference San Francisco, 2011

1. THE SPAMMY HIPPO – This is the guy, or gal, who insists on posting irrelevant advertisements on just about every LinkedIn or Facebook group out there. Here’s the scam, first they write a blatant ad, for let’s say their new line of electronic facial masques, they copy it, and then paste it on every group, discussion board or blog they can find. If you are not vigilant about clearing their posts off your boards, they will ruin your groups. You must delete their posts, and kick them to the curb. If not, your groups, and pages and discussion boards will have people running for the hills. Nobody wants to see irrelevant ads on a topic specific board.

2. THE DOODLEHEAD – This is the poster that asks stupid questions like “I just wanted to know if New York pizza contains Polymethylsiloxane”? You know what I’m talking about, not only irrelevant but stupid questions that don’t belong within the discussion parameters of the group. Delete their posts, and if they keep it up, have a slice of Polymethylsiloxane free pizza and banish them.

3. THE FREELOADER – “Please go to my website, review each page, and report back to me with your suggestions” – Sure we have time for that. This poster, gives group assignments, “go pick a bushel of apples and bring them to me” – more than likely they just want their site traffic to stop spiraling downward, and hope you will buy whatever product or service they are offering.

4. THE POLYGAMIST – Yea, we really want to see the same (always a promotion), post 15 times an hour. Not to be too harsh, there are tech glitches that may duplicate posts, in fact we have had a few with our LinkedIn bulletins (where members would get 2 or 3 of the same email). I am talking about the poster that always must repeat the same post, day after day on every board they can find. Not only is this counterproductive but it’s annoying to all group members.

Do you recognize yourself?

About eMarketing Conference: The Power of eMarketing Conference offers an unparalleled experience in best practices, case histories and processes for social, email and search marketing. Marketing sessions, tracks and breakouts that provide you with the ability to design your conference around your particular interests.  Networking opportunities with attendees and speakers will strengthen your network, and enable new opportunities.

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