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Online Marketing Tips for the Health and Fitness Industry


By Janette Speyer and Alison Brown, Web Success Team

Online marketing can help a variety of companies target the right audience and increase your customer base. This is especially true for the highly competitive fitness industry. When choosing a vitamin brand or a gym, most people like to look at reviews online or go with a recommendation from a friend. Not many people just walk up to a gym and sign up without knowing much about it. This is where social media and online marketing can really affect the success of a business.

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New Social Health Sites

One new social media site, is primarily dedicated to health and fitness. Their tag line is “the social network to get well and stay well.” It offers a variety of services from allowing people to get health advice, find out information about medications or talk to others about diseases and health concerns. It’s a great tool for people who want to learn more about specific health related issues and don’t have the means to receive support elsewhere. One study found that social media health sites have also helped people keep their new years resolutions at involve a healthy workout regimen. They can get support and encouragement from online communities so that they feel more motivated to reach their goals.

Workout Promotions

In some instances, the traditional late-night infomercial can still get you a fair amount of business for your fitness company, however, your target audience is probably not going to be awake watching television at one o’clock in the morning on a Wednesday night. A more sustainable approach will also incorporate online marketing and social engagement. The more engaged you can get your current clients online to write testimonials or reviews, the better your chances for success. People can then see that your product has worked and provided people with visible results.

Reviews Sell!

If you are in the fitness and health world and your company is not on Yelp, you should make a page now! Online reviews speak volumes for people looking to join a new gym or try a new brand of vitamins. With so many options to choose from, people want to hear from other people first hand about their experience. If your company has an average 4.5 star review on Yelp, people are automatically going to pick your gym over a 3 star one, perhaps even without reading any of the reviews. Joining a gym can be a pretty hefty monetary commitment, and people want to know if the machines work well, if it’s really crowded and if it’s kept clean. You can only find out these things from friends, or through online reviews.

Visual Marketing through Social Media

The website Pinterest has been recently making the news everywhere. There is a great opportunity here for brand promotion, especially in regards to health and fitness. People can “pin,” or share various workout routines, and sometimes they go viral. Make a company Pinterest page and start sharing workout tips, diet advice or healthy meal options and people will start sharing and promoting your brand for you if you post interesting and creative material. Think of it as the visual version of Twitter, geared towards food, health and creativity. It’s a great website that has been really taking off in recent months, so it’s worth taking the time to look at.

Online Marketing Has a Great ROI

Online marketing definitely works well for companies who want to increase their visibility online, increase their client base, while doing so at a relatively low cost. Creating promotions for television or print advertisements can get really costly, and with so many people using the Internet for hours a day, it makes sense that this is the best medium for promoting your brand. Facebook is a great platform to promote your business and develop a community of fans or “likes”. It’s well worth the nominal investment to have a social media marketer develop a promotional page and help draw new customers to the page. If people really love your product or your service, you may be surprised at how many people you can get involved online with even just a little bit of online promotion. Best of all, they will tell their friends, adding a viral component to your promotion.

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