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Geeking Out on New Mobile Apps for Business


By Janette Speyer and Alison Brown, Web Success Team

It’s really quite amazing how much technology is revolutionizing the world. Every day people are coming up with ingenious ideas that are not only beneficial to society as a whole, but transform the way humans interact and connect with one another. This is especially true in the business world where mobile applications are becoming more intuitive, allowing you to network creating more social engagement in ways that weren’t possible even just a couple years ago. Smart phone applications Evernote and CardMunch are reinventing the ways you can connect with clients and professionals by allowing you to connect digitally, all through just a few taps on your phone.

Evernote Screenshot

Evernoted, Never Forget

If you just had a meeting with a client and have a thousand different ideas running through your head but not enough time to write them all down, that’s where Evernote comes in to make your life easier. It allows you to create an audio file, video or take pictures and then wirelessly sync those files to a computer or share them directly with other users. If you’re taking notes while at an event and you want to be able to share your thoughts and experiences on a real-time basis your colleagues, Evernote allows you to do this all within the application. It’s a must have tool for business professionals who want to maintain accurate records of events and meetings they’ve attended since it allows you to capture accurate results without much lag time.

Evernote Hello

In addition to the main Evernote appliction, the company also recently released a spin-off application called “Evernote Hello.” This application takes the premise of Evernote a step further beyond file sharing, to incorporate contact recognition and storage. Hello offers users the option to visually remember contacts that you meet and the context in which you meet them. You can use the app to enter their contact information and have them take a photo of themselves to add into your contact list. The app tracks your location so that you will always be reminded of how you met someone, where you met them, and when.

CardMunch Screenshot

Digitalized Business Cards

Another amazing application, CardMunch, has completely revolutionized the art of professional networking. After attending an event and acquiring anywhere from 50-150 new business cards at a time, it’s inevitable that you will misplace some. But with CardMunch, you can take an image of a business card and the app transcribes that person’s contact details onto your phone. There’s even an option to connect with them directly via LinkedIn, or send a follow up email using an automatic template with just one click. This application is a must have addition if you want to keep track of connections and have the ability to follow up, all while saving lots of time.

A Greener Way to Do Business

Not only do these applications revolutionize the way we do business in a technological way, but they also lean towards the idea of a “greener” way to conduct business. With everything slowly being converted from paper to digital, not only are the cost savings impressive, but so is the potential for minimal environmental impact. Digital business cards mean less paper wasted on business cards that most people discard or misplace anyways. It means that less people will be resorting to wasteful ways of connecting and transition towards a “greener” approach that requires fewer resources. Besides the environmental benefits of going digital, if you start regularly using this technology and can get people to download the applications while you’re exchanging details, perhaps you can ensure that they’ll remember you for helping make their life a lot simpler! And staying at the top of someone’s mind is always good for your brand, and your business.
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