The Importance of a Consistent Brand Message in Cross Platform Promotion

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The Importance of a Consistent Brand Message in Cross Platform Promotion

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team

We all have had the unpleasant experience of sending and receiving mixed messages and the resulting conflicts that occur. These divergent messages are not only confusing but lead to misunderstandings. The same holds true in marketing, which is based on human reactions and interactions.

Consistent Brand Message ~ Web Success Team

The Soloist Stands Out

When a brand puts out divergent messages through various online and offline platforms, the result is often the same — confusion from the recipients, your target audience. Putting out a consistent brand message is not novel. Traditional mediums such as TV, radio and newspapers have been doing it forever. They have cross promoted with a single voice and a single message or offer with amazing effectiveness. However, with the new mediums, things have changed… or have they?

Today’s marketing philosophy hasn’t changed that much, even though the mediums are completely different. Cross Platform Promotion (CPP) is the new industry buzzword with the advent of social media and its ability of reaching audiences through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. CCP tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite help monitor and keep that brand message consistent throughout all social media platforms.

Telling a Story

Now even the little guys can compete with larger brands who are good at engaging their audience with tidbits of information that personalizes their brand. Social media allows the brand to push out content that can be entertaining, amusing, intriguing and educational. But I emphasize it has to be content with a purpose, not just a mind dump of information. Engagement marketing must go beyond offers and company news to tell stories that provide a strong link between products, services and benefits that connect with their customer and their lives. When done with consistency, followers, fans and the like will feel like engaging with the brand and feel comfortable with it, like a favorite pair of shoes.

The Final Analysis

Integrating all cross promotional channels can be a powerful strategy. The glue that separates a successful campaign from a failed one is consistency. Mixing your messages has the same effect as targeting the wrong audience. If you feel your message is straying, review your analytics for a reality check.


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