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Advertising Isn’t Dead, It’s All Grown Up!

By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill

A successfully integrated marketing mix uses all of the tools available to promote a brand. It’s obvious we are seeing less and less of traditional advertising mediums, but don’t believe for a second that they have disappeared! Advertising simply had to grow up and adapt to the digital age. Let’s discuss the traditional offline media sources that some might have called “dead” (until reading this article), and explain how they have been integrated and updated to compete in the digital world.

1. Traditional: TV and Radio = Digital: YouTube and Podcasts

These two mediums are functionally similar in the advertising world and separated only by television’s visual component. Present day visual and audio campaigns can be enhanced with online marketing tools like YouTube and podcasts. You can essentially give unlimited digital life to any campaign that could also be put on TV or radio, by posting it to one of these platforms. The benefit here is obviously that online they can be accessed anytime, but the content has to be interesting enough to bring someone to this action.

2. Traditional: PR = Digital: Blogs

Definitely alive and well online, this traditional media is now digitally enhanced by bloggers and micro-bloggers who can be your best brand advocates. One big difference is that in the digital world of PR, if you want to succeed you have to follow all of the search engine rules. You can look at the most recent Penguin update to get an idea of how this works.

3. Traditional: Print Ads = Digital: PPC/Banner Ads/Social Media Promos

Still much beloved in magazines, this medium has expanded digitally into the form of PPC, banner ads or social media promotions. Being online and offline seem the only difference between the two, but online you have the added benefit of being able to thoroughly track your audience through analytic platforms like Google Analytics.

4. Traditional: Brochures = Digital: Websites

This small printed “picture book” of product information still exists in moderation, but present day digital brochures not only save a few trees, but exist online where we read our “brochures” on one of the many well designed and powerful ecommerce websites.

5. Traditional: Direct Mail = Digital: SMS Text Ads

Do you open your spam mail? Most Don’t. With an audience ignoring their direct mail ads, marketers had to find a new way to reach consumers and, of course, it had to be digital. Email is an obvious option, but with so many efficient spam filters out there, it’s becoming just as difficult. More than 90 percent of Americans own and use cell phones which helped SMS text ads become the newest way advertisers are sending their message. It can be an annoying way to reach your audience, most people do not want to be bothered on their phones, but SMS ads are a highly targeted form of advertising. The ads use information gathered about the potential consumer online and enables marketers to reach out specifically to customers who might actually be receptive to the advertisement. This information is found based on factors like search or purchase history.

The world of marketing evolves at the speed of light, but our traditional advertising mediums haven’t gone away, they have simply digitally evolved. There are some great marketing campaigns to be seen out there; what are your favorite examples?

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