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Refining Your Sales Pitch with A Flipboard Magazine!

As I was going over a monthly report with a client, I suggested that they take a closer look at the hot new app: Flipboard.

“I only have one question for you?” he said. “How can I use this “Flipboard Magazine” to sell my products and services?”

The short answer is Flipboard is so versatile, you can even use it to fix the kitchen sink!

The long answer… it’s a powerful selling tool.

Surprisingly, many of my clients feel more comfortable with traditional media. Even with all the digital technology available there is still that pull toward the “print magazine” and the “catalog.” It offers a comfort zone. There is a feeling that because they can touch it, then it must be real.

Flipboard has successfully bridged that traditional vs. digital media “divide” with its stylish magazine look, that easily “flips” as you read it on an electronic device. It is portable, shareable and therefore the perfect sales tool.

The platform is dynamic and versatile. Not like a traditional magazine. For example, update a company profile or prices on your website, the changes automatically carry over to a Flipboard magazine. Oh, and it saves trees too!!!

The Flipboard Magazine WOW factor!

A typical sales arsenal includes a presentation deck, a spreadsheet, a brochure, and perhaps a leave behind. Let’s simplify this process, shall we? Let’s put ALL this into a multimedia presentation. We can step it up a few notches and add these components to a Flipboard magazine. Now you can dazzle your clients with videos, music, articles, press, sales specials and anything you want in one vehicle.

Easy sell! You are no longer relying on all your sales gear to close the deal. All relevant information is in one place. The viewer’s attention span is not challenged. It’s easy to focus on the task at hand: simply, flipping, engaging!

In this article, I will show you how you can impress your future and present clients with a Flipboard magazine.

Great, now show me how!

Take the Company Brochure: Show this sales staple on a tablet. The beauty of this Flipboard “brochure” is that you can customize it to your needs. Add content or take out irrelevant information. That new project you have just finished, add it! The new press release you just sent out, add it! Same with those product pictures from that glossy photoshoot.

  • The Glossy Cover. — That photo-shoot featuring your products can grace the cover of your presentation. You can add it straight from your iPhotos, a Flicker or a 500px account. A blog will also do the trick, providing the picture’s resolution is high enough. I usually like to flip pictures that are 1040×1040 pixels for the best results.
  • The Company Introduction. — This can be the “about us” section of your company website. You can flip this into a magazine.
  • The Featured Article. — The published article about your products or the interview with the CEO featured in a major publication? Flip it right from the platform that hosts the feature into a Flipboard magazine.
  • Uses for Your Products. — The best selling tool! Show potential clients on how to use your products. You can flip the recipes from your blog, suggestions, tips and so much more.
  • Social Media Posts. — Show your retailers and vendors you are supporting them with social media. You can flip some of your social media posts from Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Influencer Giveaway. — Are you working with influencers? Share the articles and giveaway’s featuring your products and services. Not only will your clients be delighted, so will your influencers. They will love to see their blogs and contests featured on Flipboard. The more views, the better!
  • Featured Products. — Feature your special pricing in a Flipboard magazine. You can create a complete catalog of items. One-click will take your visitors straight to the eStore.
  • Offers and Promotions. — Use the “Compose Tool” to offer sales and specials. Get readers excited about purchasing. Or, simply add offers from your social media or website.

The Best Flipboard Take Away

Once your fab presentation is over, you can now send a link to this magazine via a “Thank you” note. If more information is required, you can add it to the magazine. Invite your client and his marketing team to collaborate on the magazine for a brand perspective. The uses are limitless. Take a look at our Flipboard presentation brochure.

Are you using Flipboard in your marketing strategy? 

Here is my profile for inspiration:

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