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Transforming a Holiday in Nepal to Aid Nepali Earthquake Victims.

My daughter Alyse and her partner Tiago were visiting Nepal on holiday when the 7.8 earthquake struck on April 25th. Fortunately they were a safe distance from the damaged areas. Once they saw the tragedy unfolding, both felt compelled to stay in Nepal and join the relief efforts. They have been raising money to purchase much needed supplies, organizing relief efforts and going to remote villages to deliver survival items such as desperately needed tents, tablets to sanitize water, flashlight...

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Social Media for the Forgotten

  By Janette Speyer and Alison Brown, Web Success Team Online marketing is transforming the way that charitable organizations attract support from volunteers and potential donors. Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook are no longer just for teenagers to catch up with friends, but rather an opportunity for non-profit organizations to expand their influence and capture the attention of larger audiences. Social media can help your non-profit reach an audience that otherwi...

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