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The Power of Linkedin Recommendations

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team We all know Linkedin is a powerful social media marketing tool. What is often overlooked in building out profiles, joining groups and connecting with people is what I call the “passive” sell — Recommendations. Usually getting people to give you or your company a recommendation is relatively easy. However getting the “right” testimonials and the ones that are the most effective is another matter. Too often, when asked, colleagues will give some gene...

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The Importance of Marketing Customer Service

By Bob Speyer – Web Successs Team Customer service is the face of your business. It may be time to consider a “face-lift.” We have all had both positive and negative experiences when contacting or following up on an order from a business — both online and offline. Many jobs are lost or canceled because businesses have failed to provide customers (or potentials) what they want and need. In today’s business climate, we are all to focused on the negative, waiting for a company to fa...

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Shopping Cart Abandonment. The Problem and The Solution.

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team The Problem: Shopping Cart abandonment has plagued e-commerce businesses since its inception. According to Forrester Research, last year 51% left before completing a purchase. Others report that it may even be as high as 70%. I’m sure you can relate, as we are all “guilty” of having second thoughts for a variety of “good” reasons. In the past, shoppers were confused with the cart or checkout process. Today, this however is not the main reason as c...

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Piggy Back Promotion for Small Business thru Social Media Marketing

 By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team By now most have heard of the brainchild of American Express OPEN, “Small Business Saturday.” Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it was meant to draw attention to small businesses throughout the U.S., help stimulate the economy and create jobs. I soon discovered it was much more than that! (more…)

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