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Making Your Links Penguin Friendly: A Guide to Linking for SEO with the Latest Penguin Update




By Janette Speyer and Katrina Mcneill

Another Google Update?

Google is revising the rules again for it’s Web Spam fighting Penguin and it has some people feeling disoriented and wondering what to do now. Well there’s no need for that! You just need to follow these simple steps in order to keep the Penguin at bay.

The Penguin Likes:

Diversified Anchor Text: Anchor text is the text that accompanies links. Google is cracking down on over-optimization, and sees repeated, identical anchor text as “unnatural” links. That’s because the Penguin will think you are manipulating your anchor text in backlinks if they are all the same, because “naturally”, they would not all be the same.

Internal Linking: As always, internal linking is important. The Penguin likes this because it decreases your bounce rate when people stay on your site and it helps Google (and other search engine spiders) crawl and index your pages more easily and effectively.

Fresh Content: If you are blogging this is a good way to keep the Penguin happy. That little guy loves to see new content on your website!

The Penguin Hates:

Low-quality or Irrelevant links: Your content should be relevant to your site. If you have too many random links to topics unrelated to your business, you have upset the Penguin. The Penguin just wants you to provide good content to your users.

Ads: Avoid setting up more than two ads. The Penguin knows people who are reading don’t like loads of ads, so Penguin doesn’t like it either.

Anti-Socialites: We already know that Penguin sees old content as a lazy website. That’s why the Penguin looks for Facebook, Twitter and all those other great social plugins that you use to share your fresh content.

Have We Pleased the Penguin Yet?

Of course! Your links just needs to be kept “natural”. Don’t do anything a spammer might do and remember to keep your content up to date.

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  1. Bodederek
    January 5th, 2013 6:32  / 

    I like your article about the penguin. I am one of the many blind stumbling around in the land where the one eyed man is king. The dreams that I have for my site are achievable, but will take far longer without an income from any of them. I also place ads for aesthetic effect rather than the financial consideration. As a result, I may suffer more because penguin dont like too many ads. Well I suppose, you can’t have everything.


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