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Nurture Your Business, Nurture Your Success!

My business is my baby! Like many of us do with our children, it was in serious need of an education.

That Said…Where Do I Begin?

I was not quite sold on the idea of a business coach or a mentor. I believed that hard work would make me successful.

YES, and NO!

Ok, I admit it, I needed some help. I had no idea what that help looked like until….

The first time I saw Lisa Nichols, she was dancing with my daughter on her social media profile!!!

Now she caught my interest, so I Googled her.

Why I Needed a Business Coach

I have been a partner in many advertising agencies. Our latest venture is a digital marketing and PR agency. We have been wanting to take it to the next level but at times it felt like we were pushing that eternal stone up a hill only to be tossed down once we hit the top.

I wanted to find someone that would not only consult with us but give us the tools to propel our company upward.

From the start, our company needed to examine our business practices and pricing. Although we are great at successfully getting our client’s message across, worked in our business, not at it. We concluded, while successful for over 15 years in business, we needed a fresh set of professional eyes to open up the pathway to a clear vision.

I attended a conference in San Diego where Lisa Nichols was speaking. She offered quick business techniques, wowing and entertaining her audience.

I was impressed with the storytelling and the delivery. SHE CONNECTED (very important) with the audience. The attendees were learning while having a good time and devouring the content.

I wanted more!

I sat down with her representative. Ok, so initially the price was a mouthful! OUCH! But, I was faced with the option of continuing keeping the status quo or to bite the bullet and MAKE A NEW DECISION and commitment!

I enlisted my partner/spouse and decided that I would nurture and educate my business. Just like a child going to college.

VIP for 3 Days and Then Some…

I joined the VIP Mastermind program. Three days with Lisa Nichols and her team at her office dissecting our business and planning a new structure. Much needed information!

After answering an elaborate questionnaire, we packed our bags and headed down to San Diego.

There were 12 participants from all different professions, all there to build their business. I knew that we would walk away with valuable connections and great colleagues and well as friends.

The intimate environment provided an excellent learning atmosphere.

Our minds were wide open and ready to receive their proven business expertise. Throughout the experience, the VIP team was there to answer all of our questions and to tend to all of our needs.

Rebuilding our Business from the Ground Up!

The first day we went over our business plan and our goals, with the team there to guide and advise. Many of us had the same concerns: time management, pricing, marketing, operations, and closing sales.

Lisa taught us simple techniques to apply to our business. The content was relatable and easy to grasp.

An important part of our growth experience was personal development. The end of the session, we worked on issues that were holding back our growth as a company and as executives.

I learned that personal development is as important than anything else I do for my business. I once assumed that one has nothing to do with the other. I was wrong!!!

The second and third days were about deconstructing and rebuilding our business. We walked away with a full-on business plan with implementation guidance and periodic accountability for every aspect of our business.

But, that was not all. We now have six months to implement all the programs that we learned.

An accountability group was set-up by the VIP Mastermind team to monitor our progress.

Takeaways and the Whole Enchilada!

I always welcome learning and VIP Mastermind was a great place to start. This space is too short to share all the benefits. So, I will give you the salient points that are real game-changers:

  • Time Management – This is massive! Time seems to eat my life, there never is enough of it. I was not only taught to keep a schedule, but also to make it fun. This is about enjoying what you do!
  • Sales Language – The art of storytelling, using relatable pain points and serving the client. This was a goldmine of information. I have a habit of diving into my expertise and forgetting to LISTEN to my client’s needs and their challenges.
  • Pricing – Knowing your worth seems so obvious, right? Well no! I learned that if your financing program is in order on paper, you will see what you need to earn to have a healthy business.

Applying only these three initiatives will change our business dramatically. But, I want to apply ALL the techniques that I learned. Right now, I am reworking my website, my social media plan and so much more. I am redecorating my work “house.” I started with the living room and found the kitchen needs work and so on….

Ready to Serve

Changing my business mindset also helps us see how to approach and solve future problems. In essence, we are now ready to serve and take care of our client’s need more productively – for them and for us. It is quite a change from “I work to make money!”

Have you been on a life-changing business development journey? Do share!


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