Customer Relations

Losing Sales to Cart Abandonment — Promote to Increase Conversion

The Problem: “If you build it, the will come!” — but will they stay and push the submit button. The reality is that the majority of people going to your shopping cart will leave without purchasing. Some may “believe” they will return but don’t always. So what can you do to change shoppers’ behavior to induce them to purchase or contact you to request more information. The Solution: Engage shoppers with on-site promotions to influence their decisions. Everyone has a Pavlovian res...

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LinkedIn Has the PULSE on Connecting NEWS

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team –  The Empire State Building may not be the tallest building in NYC (that honor goes to the newly minted Freedom Tower) but it definitely has the distinction of being “high” tech, playing host to LinkedIn. It has been over a year since LinkedIn acquired Pulse, a mobile news reading application that claims over 30 million users. By focusing on personalized news, LinkedIn has made a serious commitment to engage users with content. There is no better way...

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Social Care: How Businesses Use Twitter to Show Customers “We Care!”

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team –   We’ve all been there… on the short end of a frustrating customer service experience. Calling to lodge a concern or better yet a complaint? Going into voice mail hell or bounced from one prompt to the next only to arrive full circle to the beginning menu of options. Feeling “out of options?” One of my top ten customer service peeves was when a rep asked me, “How do you spell Bob!” At that point, I courteously said “I’ll find out and get...

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