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Putting Your Customer at Ease with Simple Tracking

Written By Janette Speyer We have been running our social media marketing agency for the better part of ten years and we have had to adapt to many changes. However, the one thing that NEVER changes is the customer’s concern for ROI and results. (more…)

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Integrating Your Digital with Traditional Marketing in 2013

    By Alison Brown and Katrina McNeill, Web Success Team   A few weeks ago we discussed the online marketing trends for 2013; now we are going to bring offline marketing into the mix. Let’s analyze trends, identify areas where your marketing strategy can be improved upon, and integrate your offline marketing to make sure that next year’s plan is even better than the last. (more…)

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Stay at Home Bloggers: What Blogging Means to Moms

By Janette Leon-Speyer & Alison Brown, Web Success Team It’s not uncommon for moms to blog from home, generate an income and a name for themselves in the online world. Blogging not only allows moms the flexibility to work from home, but they can still take care of the household  and other responsibilities while being able to contribute to something of their own. According to Mashable, the women of the household make about 85% of purchasing decisions and often times that person is a ...

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Make Use of That Email Campaign to Build a Social Media Following

          By Alison Brown & Janette Leon-Speyer, Web Success Team Some say that email marketing is no longer effective. However, just because some aspects are no longer effective doesn’t mean all is lost. Online marketing is a combination of efforts via the Internet and includes everything from email to social media and website promotions. Since online marketing generally has one purpose, engaging audiences, no matter what your medium is you can still use...

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