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Build Your Business Using Flipboard Magazines

There are use many applications for businesses out there. This can be overwhelming! Where do you begin to sort through the chaos?

When you run a business, days are long and time is non-existent. But, if you had to focus on that one single thing that will drive your business what would it be?


Yes, I know this is obvious, but that simple little word has many components. How do you put all those elements into one convincing presentation? One that will close that deal?

In our PR and Social Marketing agency, I manage many clients that struggle with getting their story out to the next prospect.

Enter Flipboard – an application that helps you create personal magazines by curating from the Internet. Flipboard enhances your business presentation by gathering information into a digital magazine. It is a powerful and versatile tool for research, branding, catalog creation and any category you can think of.

The application is elegant and simple. It takes full advantage of interactive swiping gestures to turn the pages on an iPad. It is both visual and engaging, making it a clean and simple way to consume information.

Great! How does that help you?

Imagine this scenario: An investor or a potential client wants to learn more about your company: who runs it, your marketing efforts, etc? All this information and more can go into a Flipboard magazine.

Here is how:

    • Flipboard Magazines for Marketing Your Products:
      Yes! You can have a whole team of people planning strategy on a Flipboard magazine. Add everyone as contributors and divide tasks. Research, comment, curate articles from the competition to examine what they are doing. You can keep this magazine private or publish it if you want. Here is a sample:

Marketing Flipboard Magazine.

    • Flipboard Magazines for PR:
      One of the things I like to do for PR is collect all the media efforts and show my clients who reviewed their products. It sure beats sending them a long list of links. This way they can see your efforts in a few easy flips. Here is an example:

PR Flipboard Magazine.

    • Flipboard Magazines to Sell:
      Add magic to that traditional brochure for your next sales pitch. Now you can sell your products and services with just one little link! In this magazine, you can add your Slideshare presentations, articles about your company, your website info and your blog. You can also add voice over narrative that plays as you flip the magazine. Best of all you can easily add your videos. Then all this effort can be shared via email, social media, your influencers and your clients. Here is an example of a sales magazine that was successful:

Sales Flipboard Magazine.

These are only a few examples of Flipboard’s business power. I will write another blog with more ideas and suggestions in the future. To me, the best takeaway is the portable and sharable features. One small little link holds all your company info. Many of my clients have data sheets, sales sheet, brochures, Power-Point presentations. They have challenges presenting this information to prospects who get millions of queries. This format solves many problems.

I highly recommend you give it a try. If you have any questions, let me know; I am a big fan and glad to help. @JanetteSpeyer

Note: Full disclosure, I do not work for Flipboard.



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