Identifying Authority Bloggers that Will Generate Links and Traffic to Your Website

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team –  Beyond offsite promotions, one of the greatest benefits a quality blogger can offer is links to your website to increase your SEO value. This will result in more traffic, higher search rankings, more visibility, and increased sales opportunities. Brands are starting to find more and more value in blogs and bloggers. Many are embarking on cross promotions with giveaways, gift guides and brand ambassadorship. All this activity provides great value fo...

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Is Your Blog Growing into a Viable Business? What to Do Next.

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team There are many articles out there advising us on how to manage and run a small blog. However what happens once your blog reaches that next level and you now have a virtual publishing business? In my opinion a blog is no different than a magazine publication that relies on readership, followers and pass along value. Here are a few steps that will get your started: Your Blog Relies on Advertisers Create a program for media buyers that will want to advert...

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A New “Breed” of Bloggers Make a Social Marketing Impact

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team - We all know the marketing power Mom Bloggers have in promoting brands and influencing consumers. However, flying under the marketing radar are Pet Bloggers who are just now making an impact with marketers whose major focus should be the health and welfare of our pets. Pet owners want to be part of community for their breed and want to be informed about their pet’s health in the areas of nutrition, vaccinations, inclinations, problems and simply how best ...

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Why You Should Budget for Mom Bloggers!

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team –   “Pay to Play”, “You Get What You Pay For”, “Quid Pro Quo”, Nothing in Life Is Free”. I could go on and on with these classic truisms, but the bottom line in social marketing is the price of FREE is going up. We’ve seen it with Facebook and Twitter not far behind in wanting to amortize their platform. Mom Bloggers Are a Force to Be Appreciated. They’ve toiled to build up significant readerships for their blogs, dispensing Dear Abby adv...

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