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How Strong Egos Can Lead to Productive Business Partnerships

  By Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes - Web Success Team The word “ego” is typically attached to negative connotations. But there are several benefits to having an ego when working on a project with others. As online marketers, we at Web Success Team have the opportunity to work with advertisers, webmasters, traditional marketers, and public relations specialists. All of us generally have an ego because we need to achieve positive results for our client. We have found that the ...

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5 Tips for Staying Focused on Client Goals while Working with Others

  By Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes - Web Success Team Teamwork is essential to the success of every brand’s online presence. It involves collaboration between groups of people with different skills, personalities, and expertise. Online marketers, for instance, collaborate with PR specialists, programmers, webmasters, advertisers, and traditional marketers, when they are hired to meet a brand’s social media goals.   (more…)

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Drafting Your Company’s Social Media Policy

  By Justin Delos Reyes - Web Success Team Social media statistics show that more people are registering on sites like Facebook and Twitter every day. According to Econsultancy, Twitter has 175 million registered users, Facebook has 640 million registered users, and there are 100 million professionals registered on LinkedIn. The chances of your employees being active on these sites are relatively high when you consider the statistics. Although they may be active on social media, it do...

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Setting Benchmarks to Prevent Scope Creep

By Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes, Web Success Team Scope creep. It’s not a 1950’s horror film creature, but marketers run for the hills (or want to) when it surfaces. To put it nicely, scope creep is any unanticipated change in a project’s scope of work. Often times it frustrates the parties involved and can also warrant unintended charges. Scope creep is an unfortunate occurrence that is likely to surface when business is conducted. But if there’s one positive about scope creep i...

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