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Social Media Brings Offline Marketing Back to Life


By Bob Speyer and Ilana Youngheim, Web Success Team

Facebook and Twitter are not the only things that can drive traffic. Brands need to grab the attention of the consumer from outside the box and create a relationship with them. There are Ads, QR codes, live tweeting, apps, and so much more.

New research by CBS shows that TV and paid advertising and other media still generated significant conversation. Brad Fay, COO of the Keller Fay Group — which conducted the research for CBS — said: “Word of mouth and advertising actually go hand-in-hand together. They work together fabulously well.” MediaPost

Offline Marketing Back to Life ~ Web Success Team

The research showed that in 20% of word-of-mouth conversations about specific brands, a person refers to paid advertising. Furthermore, among media trendsetters, which is one of six population segments CBS has identified, 45% mention paid advertising across multiple media when discussing brands, and TV ads 27% of the time.

It’s not about just liking a page on Facebook or following a brand on Twitter. You have to reach outside of that. Watching TV you may hear follow us on Facebook or Tweet us now, that is a call to action and can get a strong response. Hearing a radio ad or seeing a mobile billboard is another good call to action. Another great interactive way to get traffic to your brand is QR Codes.

Spiking Curiosity with QR Codes

QR (or Quick Response) codes have been around for sixteen years or so but has increased in popularity with the use of smartphones. It’s very easy to attract the attention of potential customers with a scanable link. It increases ones curiosity as to what the code is for, wondering, “Is it for a promotion or can I win something?”

There are a number of advantages to using QR codes to drive traffic. You often avoid the competitive search engines. By using a QR codes you are providing your customers an easy and fun way to get to your site.

1. Use them to drive traffic to your site. Place the code in a print ad, on your business card, etc. Anywhere where a potential customer may see it.

2. Use it as a call to action. Tell people to scan it and link it to a special offer, such as a printable coupon. They don’t need to print it they can use it on the site.

3. Self-branding through swag you pass out (hats, shirts, etc)

Get Interactive — Get Glue

There are apps on the smartphone that you can use to drive traffic such as Get Glue. Get Glue is an app that helps you find your favorite movie, book or music album. It shows you things you like based on your personal taste, what your friends like and what’s most popular on Get Glue at the time. You can also follow people, which is a great way to find out what they like and what they’re doing. It’s a great conversation piece and can lead you to sites that you didn’t think of.

If you stay on a profile or do certain activities you can unlock stickers. Rewards are also given with the stickers. Partners with GetGlue provide these rewards. You can receive a coupon, free item, or opportunity to win.

Getting Personal with Your Customer

LIVE Tweeting is a great way to bring in followers. Many TV shows are doing this now to help boost ratings. For example, Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives has been live tweeting the past few Sundays during the show. Felicity can interact with her 83-thousand plus followers. Followers of her and the show are able to ask questions as the show is going and she will answer back. It’s a great way to get people to watch and have that human connection.

We TV does tweeting during shows like Braxton Family Values. During the show fans tweet in with the hashtag #BFV and some of the tweets are shown on TV during the show. Fans are able to react about the show and what they are seeing. Also, the Braxton family can tweet in about watching the show and their reaction to what they are seeing. It’s a great interactive way to watch the show.

Desperately Seeking Humanity

Brands can do this as well and have done this with the launch of a new product. Asking customers to go out and buy it today and tweet them what they think and get a coupon for their next visit or be able to talk to the person that made the product live on Facebook or Twitter. In the end we all still want that human connection.

New things are always entering the social media market. The good thing about social media is we can try them. Keep connecting with your customer and build that relationship. Become more than a brand, become personable. Try it all and find what works best for you.

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