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Will The New LinkedIn Updates Make Connecting Easier?



By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill, Web Success Team


LinkedIn added a whole bunch of new features to their company pages. There are upgrades for page branding and other features that should promote smoother networking. What are these updates and how will they benefit the business owner?

Most Notable Updates

1.      You can now post updates in your company page

It’s a fantastic move by LinkedIn considering businesses already have to regularly create fresh content online to be search engine optimized. Having a way to share this content on your LinkedIn page seems like a logical move.

 2.      LinkedIn gets visual at last!

All this time it’s been impossible to make LinkedIn visually interesting. Now LinkedIn is finally going to allow companies to add a cover-style image that represents your company/brand to the top of your page, similar to the one on Facebook.

3.      Better targeting

There is now a “targeted audience” option under the text box where you share your content. This will allow you to filter on company size, industry, function, seniority, or geography. This will be a great tool when your content only fits a certain segment of your audience.

4.      Mobile optimization for company pages

Company Pages now appear on mobile & iPad apps. Given the increase of popularity in mobile marketing, this update was certainly due and will make certain you can interact with all target audiences.

5.      More ways to endorse your colleagues

This feature isn’t as much about connecting as the other updates, but recommending colleagues is always a good way to keep up your network. LinkedIn added a “skill endorsements” feature which is a way to endorse your 1st degree connection’s skills and expertise with a little less effort than writing a paragraph about them. To use it go to the Skills & Expertise section of a connection’s profile and click the name of the skill, or the plus symbol next to the skill and then that connection simply has to approve it. You also appear on their profile when you recommend which could potentially help gain you more connections.

How does this improve connecting?

These updates will make you more visible to your followers. Being able to post updates right from your company page will put your content on your follower’s newsfeed and your company on their radar. Now when connections visit your LinkedIn page, they are going to see a professional branding with the new cover image feature and this will help build a solid branded image.

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  1. Wayne Miller
    October 14th, 2012 11:18  / 

    The new updates give us more options, however the “don’t ask someone you don’t know” rule still applies. It’s my opinion that if you’re on Linkedin you should be able to contact any member and ask them to connect to you. When they change that rule then my comment will just be “yes”.


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