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Digital Diversity in the Big Apple

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team –  New York City is famous for its diversity; just hop in a cab and guess your driver’s nationality. Visit Little Italy, Chinatown, Harlem / Spanish Harlem… the list is as long and appetizing as a NYC menu. Because diversity in the workplace is an important dialogue for who we are as a society, Hot Ice Media attended Digital Diversity Network Content Strategy Salon (#DDNO) sponsored by Viacom. The evening’s focus was a panel of industry heavyweight...

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In Moms We Trust – Strategic Marketing Via Bloggers

By Janette Speyer ––  Do you work with bloggers? Are you not quite sure they are a fit for your company? Many of our clients have an initial knee jerk reaction to the term “Mom Blogger.” We tell them all that it’s only a matter of time before they too will jump on the bandwagon. By ignoring this powerful marketing avenue you are loosing a huge opportunity to build viral impressions for your brand. Make no mistake and do NOT undermine a #MomBlogger, they are entrepreneurs, busine...

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Amp Up Your Website to Get More Viewers

By  Sloan McKinney & Janette Speyer ––  For all of the possibilities to explore in the world of web design, 2014 can be a difficult time for smaller businesses. Many find themselves in a state of flux, stuck between a full-fledged requirement to build their business through the Internet, or continuing with the traditional business model. The cost of designing an appealing website is more often a major determining factor for businesses. The Internet has created a global marketplac...

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Facebook Personalities: Whom Are You Marketing to?

Janette Speyer, Web Success Team Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Do you post often? When I log-in to Facebook, often times I roll my eyes at some of the posts and enjoy some of the others. I have been using this social platform for the better part of seven years and counting. I have seen many changes and friended many people from different countries and all walks of life. In my line of business I have to take it a step further and ask myself; who are these people and what are they ...

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Is Your Blog Growing into a Viable Business? What to Do Next.

By Janette Speyer, Web Success Team There are many articles out there advising us on how to manage and run a small blog. However what happens once your blog reaches that next level and you now have a virtual publishing business? In my opinion a blog is no different than a magazine publication that relies on readership, followers and pass along value. Here are a few steps that will get your started: Your Blog Relies on Advertisers Create a program for media buyers that will want to advert...

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