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Amp Up Your Website to Get More Viewers

By  Sloan McKinney & Janette Speyer ––  For all of the possibilities to explore in the world of web design, 2014 can be a difficult time for smaller businesses. Many find themselves in a state of flux, stuck between a full-fledged requirement to build their business through the Internet, or continuing with the traditional business model. The cost of designing an appealing website is more often a major determining factor for businesses. The Internet has created a global marketplac...

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Do Your SEO Housekeeping in Time for the Holiday Season

Janette Speyer, Web Success Team With more people looking to the Internet for their holiday purchases, the first thing that comes to mind is to get that website’s SEO cleaned up and optimized for search. Why? Because you can’t expect users to buy from you, if they can’t find you! Don’t fall into the abyss of the failed and forgotten websites, and start early. It’s the end of September and the holidays are just around the corner. Between Halloween and New Year’s consumers are ...

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API’s – What They are and Why They Matter

Written by Web Success Team Contributor Steve Dwek When it comes to understanding developing technologies most articles tend to start with a technical description that gets glossed over and gradually move towards something less technical so that the reader eventually gets the gist of the message.  For API’s – Application Programming Interfaces, this article tackles the subject in a different manner – starting simple and moving complex so that relevant details don’t get lost. What is...

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How Critical is Mobile Website Optimization?

          By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill, Web Success Team Mobile shopping doubled over the 2011 holiday season and with the 2012 holiday season fast approaching, if you aren’t on board, you are going to be left behind. Nearly 50% of smartphone owners use (or plan to use) their phones for mobile shopping (ABI Research). Online shopping’s popularity among smartphone users is due in part to those just hunting for a deal online, but also due to the cou...

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Get The Marketing Edge With WordPress SEO Plugins

        By Janette Leon-Speyer & Katrina Mcneill, Web Success Team WordPress itself, without any plugins, has SEO functions, but you aren’t going to capture that top search result without giving yourself an extra edge. That’s why SEO Plugins are critical to a truly successful Search Engine Optimization plan. (more…)

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