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Vine – The Newest in Social Media Evolution

By Eric Pangburn We all know that social media is quickly becoming the advertising medium of today’s fast-paced, tech savvy world, right? Now what if I told you that you could “say” everything you have ever wanted to say (and more!) to your horde of Facebook followers and your loyal Tweeters, without actually saying a word? I bet you would want to jump at a chance like that. I know I would! Well, now we can … Thanks to Vine, that is. Using Vine for personal use A rapidly changin...

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Publishing and Reading Goes Social with Goodreads

      By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeill Have you seen the new publishing platform that’s gone social, Goodreads? With a substantial collection of 12 million users, more and more are realizing what a powerhouse it is for authors and readers. At first glance it looks like a place to share what you are reading, socially, and digging deeper, it looks like a publisher, and it’s both! There are a few great uses for this platform, so let’s dive in like a good book! ...

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